Steal her style: Lana Del Rey Songbird

I do not own any of the photos in this article.

When I first saw ‘Ride’, LDR’s magical 10 minute video, I was in awe of the music, visuals, and of course Lana’s beautiful outfits. The video was mesmerising, it truly transports you to another place, an emotive beautiful place, soaked through with saturated colour and broad Americana landscapes. Here’s a quick guide for achieving one of LDR’s sultry songstress looks.

One of my absolute favourite ensembles, is the yellow-gold dress, hoop earrings and perspex heels she wears to serenade the club patrons, when she plays the lonely singer, headlining the venue. Lana is beautiful and unusual in canary bird yellow, it’s a bold colour choice, but pulled off effortlessly with thanks to her simple accessories. It’s actually such an unusual colour I had trouble tracking down something similar, the closest I could get was gold, bronze or yellow. See more below.


Perspex heels for a modern, fashionable take on the classic ‘stripper’ heels Lana sports in her video, these are from Public desire.

Shop heels here



The bigger the hoop the bigger the heaux, and Lana’s not afraid of flaunting BIG hoops. I love these, cheap and cheerful or more expensive from The Diamond Store, but how gorgeous are they? Going on my Christmas list, gold and diamond hoops, what could be more perfect?!

Shop HS Samuel hoops

Shop The Diamond Store hoops



Lana works some big beautiful hair in ‘Ride’ those sumptuous, thick healthy curls are a little difficult for most of us to achieve without some help. Try Rapunzel of Sweden hair extensions for celebrity worthy volume and shine.

Shop hair extensions here 



Finally the dresses, take your pick of these four gorgeous dresses in a variation of colour, texture and style, handpicked to emulate Lana’s glorious style in a different way.

Shop Missguided Gold dress here

Shop Boohoo Yellow dress here



More dresses!

Shop Missguided High Neck dress here

Shop Missguided Bronze Metallic dress here 


Don’t forget to complete with a blood red manicure.

Thank you for reading my Lana Del Rey style steal, please leave thoughts, comments and suggestions for my next article below!

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