Add a little vintage glamour to your wardrobe á la Dita

I do not own any of the photos in this article.

Okay so I love Dita Von Teese, her style on stage and off is always immaculate. See my guide below to find out how to add a little vintage glamour to your everyday wardrobe, just like Dita!


Cat eye glasses! So elegant and timeless, no wonder pretty much every designer in the world has their own take on this classic, these are some of my favourites:

a. Asos glasses, £10.00, shop here.

b. Topshop glasses, £20.00, shop here.

c. Miu Miu glasses, £156.12, shop here.



Matching shoes and bag: so Dita is always perfectly coordinated. A matching set, is the equivalent of wearing matching lingerie, except everyone can see. You’re making a statement that says, ‘I have my s**t together!’ Here are some of my favourites for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

a. Quiz purse, £14.99, shop here.

b. Quiz heels, £14.99, shop here.




a. River Island backpack, £15.00, shop here.

b. River Island Plimsolls, £22.00, shop here.




a. River Island boots, £58.00, shop here.

b. River Island bag, £35.00, shop here.




Any vintage loving girl needs a snug fitting knitted dress, perfect for office-wear, dates and anywhere that requires the dreaded ‘smart-casual’ dress code.


a. Collective dress, £62.00, shop here.

b. Asos belt, £8.00, shop here.




Here are some beautiful retro inspired dresses, a flattering silhouette like this never goes out of shape, and Dita knows this well!


a. Asos dress, £55.00, shop here.

b. Missguided dress, £30.00, shop here.




Brooches! Hardly really seen these days, Dita knows the art of a pretty brooch, add to a plain dress or jacket for instant, effortless glam.


a. New look brooch, £3.99, shop here.

b. John Lewis brooch, £15.00, shop here.

c. Topshop brooch, £8.00, shop here.




Have a close look and you’ll see that most of the time DVT has a little crescent shape at the bottom of her nails. This trend was popular among aristocracy in the 1930s, as a symbol of class and refinement. It definitely adds a point of interest and a pretty shape to decorate the nails with.


See this article at Jezebel to find out how to do your own crescent moon nails at home:

Crescent Moon Tutorial




Classic makeup tools:

Everything you need to achieve the perfect Dita-esque vintage wing-liner and red lips.


a. Beth Bender cat eye kit, $39.99, shop here.

b. Lancome art liner, £21.00, shop here.

c. Chanel lipstick, £26.00.



If in doubt, try this guide to find your favourite lipstick. From makeup artist Stephen Dimmick at you


*All photos correct at time of writing.

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