New Makeup From KIKO Milano

So walking through town today, I passed KIKO, a makeup store I’ve never visited. I hadn’t heard much about it and I don’t know anyone who’s ever told me they’ve used it. The store was pretty enough, lilac coloured, it seemed clean and professional and from what I could tell the products seemed good. With arms full of Christmas shopping, I suddenly felt the urge to treat myself, I’d done so well, a whole hour in town without buying myself a single thing. Maybe they’d have the orange eyeshadow I’d been searching for. I was intrigued, I’m always looking for new beauty products so I thought I’d give it a try.

The shop assistant there was lovely and seemed to be an expert on all things KIKO, she showed me their lip crayons. I’ve never used a product like this, I was amazed to see how pigmented and glossy a crayon could be, the colours were gorgeous and the were on sale for only £2.70! Naturally I bought four. Two rich pinky browns, one nude shimmer, and a pale pink. Absolutely gorgeous and not at all drying, which is essential for me.

I told the lady I was in search of eyeshadow and she showed me a metallic lilac shadow stick, she demonstrated the colour for me, and it was iridescent and perfect. I picked one off the shelf right away. I’ve never been a big coloured eye-shadow person, but this colour was too gorgeous to resist. I also found the orange shadow I’d been looking to try, for just £4.00, it’s super pigmented but the lady said I could put it on with a wet brush for even more vivid colour.

She also showed me their liquid liners which were on sale, I was seduced by the felt-tip and true black line. And finally at the counter I spotted the 3D hydra gloss and knew I’d regret not buying it. I got the gloss in colour 20, a neutral pink. I really love a glossy, glossy lip, to me it’s the sexiest thing in the world. I couldn’t wait to use this as the perfect tone to wear over my lipstick or liner on a night out.

On my way home from town, my best friend Megan, sent me a message to let me know she’d be dropping by. The perfect model for my new products, she was sweet enough to let me test the new liner, eyeshadow, lip crayons and lipgloss out on her, and then force her to pose for an impromptu photoshoot in my bedroom. Megan looks absolutely stunning, and I love my new stuff. I will definitely be revisiting KIKO, beautiful products, really good value, I’m telling all my friends about them!



Megan is wearing:

KIKO 3D hydra lipgloss in shade 20

KIKO Longlasting Eyeshadow stick in shade 36

KIKO pencil lipgloss in shade 10



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