DIY: Make Your Own Bedazzled Lingerie

I love everything sparkly, and went I started hunting for some gem studded lingerie I couldn’t find anything anywhere near a reasonable price. So I decided to make my own burlesque inspired underwear and it was surprisingly easy. I’m so happy with the result, this set is so glamorous. Next time I’ll try a different colour, maybe red and gold gems on a black set or white on silver.

There are so many different occasions that you could wear these gorgeous sets to; fancy dress parties, under a sheer blouse on a night out, to performances or showcases or just around the house if you’re Mariah Carey.



All you need is:

A set of underwear to customise- I bought mine from Primark

An array of gems in different sizes, in your chosen colours- I picked these up at HobbyCraft, and grabbed a few hair gems from Primark for extras

A gluegun- this is essential! Without a glue gun there’s no way the gems will stay stuck- mine’s from HobbyCraft.



Next, all you have to do is turn the glue gun on, wait five minutes and then you can begin bedazzling the gems onto your lingerie in your desired pattern.

I sort of improvised mine, I knew I wanted the tiniest gems on the delicate lace parts of the bra and knickers, so I started with the largest gems on the seams and worked from there. The whole process took me about two hours, and I couldn’t be happier with it!



Have you given this a go? Let me know your thoughts below!


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