My amazing Urban Decay naked vault: Part 1

So my beautiful boyfriend just blessed me with this spectacular vault from Urban Decay, let’s take a quick lil second to appreciate it.


I’ve never had a Naked palette before and now I have six! I’m slightly overwhelmed, but so excited to get trying out all these amazing shades.

This week I decided to start with the original Naked palette, which comes in a beautiful dark brown suedette case. These are the colours:


Fortunately my mama was around this morning, and agreed to be my model. My mum has dark skin, and the first thing I’m thinking is that this palette has great shades because they work on a variety of skin tones. I love the warm tones, and the fact that everything is so blendable. I’m immediately thinking Darkhorse and Smog will look sensational on mama.

After I’ve applied concealer, and filled in and highlighted the eyebrows, I’m good to get started on the eyeshadow. I actually love the brush that comes with the palette, I use the blending end to apply Buck all over the eyelids up to the brow bone. This gives a lovely warm tone which lifts the eyes, and a matte base to help the shimmer I’ll put on later, pop even more. Next I use one of my own eyeshadow brushes to blend Darkhorse from lash line to crease. I love using different colours to create dimension around the eye. This green colour looks beautiful on dark brown skin.


Next I apply the pretty gold colour Smog in the centre of the eyelid and then blend out from there, this gives a touch of shimmer and helps the eyes look bigger. I use an eyeliner brush to apply Smog to the inner corners of the eye, and use my smallest fan brush to add a little touch of Smog to the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. I love highlighting, and Smog is actually a great highlight on my mum’s skin tone. I don’t know when I started but I absolutely always highlight the inner corner of the eye, it just makes the makeup over all look so much more beautiful, and is guaranteed to bring out the eyes. Next up is Creep, the dark shimmery black, I know this is going to look sensational, I apply very far out at the outer corner of the eye, it’s pretty dark so I have to blend, blend, blend, I use this colour to define the crease, but don’t go any farther in than the centre of the eyelid, or you’ll cause the eye to look smaller rather than bigger.


To emphasise the eye shape I’ve created, I use my liquid liner for a bold double wing. I then use lip crayon, lip gloss and lipstick to paint a subtle ombre lip.


What do you think? Mum was so happy with this look, clock the posing, I think she looks amazing.





Have you guys tried this palette, what do you think?



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