January: What we’re lusting after

This week, Burberry announced their new range of Liquid Lip Velvets and revealed their new global beauty ambassador, Iris Law, Jude Law’s daughter.

She looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures, and I have to admit I’ve been seduced by Burberry’s new lip range. I’m not sure whether to call them lipsticks, lip glosses or lipstains?! They go on like a gloss and dry to a velvety matte finish.

Burberry describes them as:

…a new statement-making matte cream colour with a comforting, whipped texture.

Developed with a new, innovative formula that combines rich pigment, smooth application and a whipped, creamy texture to create a bold, velvet finish that lasts for up to eight hours. The comfortable, non-drying formula keeps lips supple and moisturised during wear, ensuring the colour does not dry, fade or crack.

When it comes to anything described as matte, I do tend to get put off because I naturally have quite dry skin, but Ree from reallyree.com calls the products comfortable, creamy and balmy in her review. (It’s a really helpful detailed review if you want to check it out).

The lip colours come in 14 shades, and these colours are absolutely beautiful; there are flattering playful pinks, bold reds with orange undertones, and beautiful berry shades.

My absolute favourite is Fawn Rose, I love pinks! This one is not too bright or pastelly, it’s subtle but warming, and perfectly wearable!


The lip colours retail at £26 each, and you can purchase them online through the Burberry website or  from a range of retailers online.


So these little beauties are my product of the month, I can’t wait to try mine out!

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