Best Valentine’s Day Tutorials

So Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I’ve turned to the best in the business for inspiration; soft shimmery pinks, feline flicks and a pretty pink pout or sensual red lip are all in order for the look of love this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some oldies but goodies for true romantic appeal:

The Beauty Bybel

Carli Bybel is an internet beauty institution. Her take on a Valentine’s look is a soft bronzy eye with fluttery lashes, and pretty pale pink blush, neutral enough to be worn with three different lip shades; a vibrant pinky-red, a pale pink or a purple. You can tailor this beautiful look to suit your outfit and the occasion.

You can see the full product list, here.


Or watch the tutorial below:

Makeup By Lis PR

Next up is this breathtaking look by Lis, I love a dramatic smoky eye and a well-arched eyebrow, and this rose gold and mauve interpretation is beyond perfect for Valentine’s.


Created with the Naked 3 palette, Lis gives step by step instructions for the eyeshadow, I love this because Blackheart is my all time favourite naked shade:

Using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette first use the shade ‘Nooner’ (#1, soft matte brown color) and blend onto your crease, then place the shade ‘Strange’ (#2, matte ivory color) on the inner corners of the eye and to highlight the brow bone. Apply the shade ‘Buzz’ (#3, shimmery pink color) and place it on the center of the lid but do not go past the crease. And finally add the darkest shade called ‘Blackheart’ (#4, black with barely noticeable pink shimmer – any matte black would be fine) and place it on the outercorner of the eye and under the eye on your bottom lash line (not visible in photo with numbers but visible in photos above). Take a clean fluffy makeup brush without any product or eyeshadows on it and just blend all of the colors until they have the desired effect. If you blend too much don’t worry and just keep repeating the steps above and blend again until it looks just right.

For the full product list, you can visit Lis’s website here.

Beauty by Kara

This one’s for the girls who prefer neutrals and rich reds to shimmers and pinks. Still romantic, still sensual, this is a definite look.


Fatima shows you step by step how to create this sexy look, on her YouTube channel:

So if you’re wearing red this Valentine’s, in velvet, silk or lace, this is a beautiful look that won’t clash, and will emphasise your beauty with a classic red lip. Don’t forget to go for rich berry shades, purple tinted reds or burgundies for ultimate romance.

You can see the full product list on her website, here.

I hope you enjoyed my quick round up of Valentine’s looks to inspire, spread the love!

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