February: What We’re Lusting After

Happy February everyone! January is over, thank god! We can look forward to warmer, longer days, Valentines, and most importantly, all the stunning beauty and fashion looks to emerge this Spring.

For this month’s WWLA, I want to focus on the hottest (literally) thing in beauty right now …

Red eyeshadow.


You heard me right, red eyeshadow.

Here’s a video of Kristen Stewart getting a face full of glam with products from the Chanel Le Rouge collection for Fall 2016, I want it and I’ve been looking for it but I cannot find it anywhere, please tell me they haven’t discontinued it, if anyone knows where I can get it please hit me up!


Point aside, it was this video that made me fall deep in love with red eyeshadow. It’s such an intense but flattering look. It was semi-popular for Autumn and Winter, and now with Valentines around the corner, MUAs and youtubers the world over are harnessing the power of red, to create the sexiest Valentine’s Day looks yet.

But first, because I love a bit of psychology, lets take a look at the psychological effects of the colour red.

Being the color of physical movement, the color red awakens our physical life force.

It is the color of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative.

At its most positive it can create life with its sexual energy, or use its negative expression of anger and aggression to fuel war and destruction.


In a study by the University of Rochester, it was discovered that;

Under all of the conditions, the women shown framed by or wearing red were rated significantly more attractive and sexually desirable by men than the exact same women shown with other colors. When wearing red, the woman was also more likely to score an invitation to the prom and to be treated to a more expensive outing.

So now you can start to understand why red is replacing pink as the go to colour for stunning make-up looks this Valentines. Once totally experimental, vibrant red on the eyes is becoming more and more embraced, it’s so attractive to the eye, and now we know why.

It’s totally up to you which shade you decide to go with, I personally really like a burnt orange, it’s a surprisingly flattering colour, it adds a warmth which really makes my complexion look good. There are deep reds with purple and plump hues, bright cherry colours, reds in a shimmer, for added sparkle.

With Valentines Day around the corner, this look is sexy and a little bit different.


The best reds:

Stargazer Pressed Eyeshadow Powder Red

Warm but super pigmented, this shade is blendable and smooth enough for use at the crease and the corners of the eyes.


NYX Primal Colours Red

Only for the brave! This NYX eyeshadow is as primal as it says, bold and gorgeous.nyx

Illamasqua powder eyeshadow in Daemon

Now this is sex if it had been boiled down and condensed into a little eyeshadow compact. So flattering, so sexy, this is the kind of wearable red that’s easy to add into your usual evening makeup routine, a little at the outer corners, a little at the crease, voila, she-devil!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Cult favourite, this palette is another range of very wearable, very flattering shades from ABH. Why not combine the rusts, deep pinks, nudes, chocolates and oranges in this palette, for an endless combination of gorgeousness. Red doesn’t have to be raw and sexy, here it can be prettily blended with complimenting shades, giving the effect of a butterfly’s wing.anastasia-modern-renaissance


So now you’re all stocked up!

Here are some beaut tutorials to help you with your ‘Lady In Red’ look!


What do you guys think? Have you tried red eyeshadow before, what did you use and how did it work for you?

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