My 8 Natural Hair Care Essentials

So I’m over a week into taking care of my natural hair for the first time in a decade…

The strangest thing for me is having hair too short to tie up, I’m trying not to panic, but a bun has been my go to hair style for the best part of a decade and it feels weird not to have the option. Although it was pretty freeing going to the gym with my hair loose, just a thin headband to keep it off of my face. On the plus side, I know that leaving my hair down is massively reducing the stress it’s under and helping to stop breakage, especially at the edges. I made sure to get some headbands and bobby pins ASAP, as these are going to be the most effective when it comes to styling.

So far I’ve kept to a daily routine of spraying with water in the morning, then scrunching with oil or leave in moisturiser, then adding a little more moisturiser before wrapping before bed. It’s a basic routine but it seems to be working, as my hair is nowhere near as dry as it used to be. Yesterday I got a bit overzealous with the oil, so after the gym I gave it a rinse, and a detangle with my new comb. I cannot remember the last time I had such tangle free hair! The comb glided through, and there was minimal shedding and broken ends, I’m so pleased with the health of my hair, I’m in no doubt that chopping it off was the best decision. I’m going to rinse and detangle twice a week, with a shampoo every fortnight or maybe once a week depending on how I feel. These are the essentials I ordered as soon as I cut my hair and I’m already putting them to good use… the curl and shine cream from Shea Moisture smells like some kind of tropical paradise, it’s heaven in a bottle, plus it does what it says. In my opinion the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is really sticky and thick, I made the mistake of putting it on my hair in the morning and I had super oily hair all day, plus when I apply it, it pulls a little on the hair. I think it’s much better as a wash out conditioner, I rubbed it onto my scalp as part of a head massage before rinsing, and my curls were shiny and super defined after, so it seems like this is the best way for me to go with the castor oil.  


Now for my 8 recommended products for new naturals:


Thin headbands

Really good for helping with styles, these bands are flexible enough for a bunch of styles, plus can be used to keep your hair off your face without the need for rough handling or tangling.

Bobby pins


Detangling comb

A real lifesaver when it comes to length retention, you need a good wide tooth comb for detangling with minimum breakage.

Water Spray bottle

The best way to add moisture into your hair, a professional spray bottle is great for minimum effort.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Naturals rave about this product wherever you look, it’s definitely a heavy duty oil. Time will tell as to whether my hair gets along with it.

Shea Moisture shampoo

Any variety- for now I’m using the shampoo for damaged and transitioning hair, love the Shea butter smell. It’s really nourishing, not too harsh, leaves my hair soft.

Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner

I’m using the curl shine with hibiscus, it smells delicious and it does exactly what it says; adds shine and defines curls. Got my curls poppin’.

Satin or silk hair wrap, pillowcase or both.

Pretty essential if you want to keep your edges healthy and smooth, long gone are the days of waking up to broken ends all over my pillow, a satiny wrap protects my hair over night and helps lock in moisture.


What do you guys think of my natural hair care essentials, do you have anything to add? Please share below x

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