My First Lightfusion Photofacial (plus the drugstore beauty product my boyfriend loves)

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Hi guys!

(P.S this isn’t an ad in the slightest, I just tried something cool and wanted to share my experience!)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to try a brand new non-invasive procedure, a Lightfusion Photofacial, powered by Vitage. Now bear in mind, my experience of facials is pretty limited to the DIY organic stuff I whip up in the kitchen, or the occasional Korean sheet mask. So the idea of a professional LED facial was giving me minor anxiety.

The developer claims that the treatment is/does:

  • Proven treatment with visible results
  • Protocols to improve skin hydration, firming, signs of aging, redness and minor skin problems
  • Modular for treating different areas 
  • Safe, effective, non-invasive therapy
  • Treats all skin types, all year round
  • No side effects, no pain, no downtime
  • Quick and simple yet luxurious treatment
  • Promotes the body’s own natural healing response


The website gives clinical results and scientific evidence to back up their theories.

You can read more here.

For me, a good facial is all about hydration, exfoliating and brightening, if my skin looks dewy and glowy after a treatment, I’ll be delighted.


Me and my best pal, Megan, visited the Courthouse Clinic in Maidenhead for the session. The award winning clinic has so many treatments to offer, including some non invasive body contouring which certainly sounds very interesting… First Sharon cleansed our faces with a gentle liquid cleanser, and according to her we were both in need of a deep exfoliation treatment (whoops) so she exfoliated our faces with natural sponges. Next, she applied the special hydrogel, a formula specifically produced for this treatment, and infused with vitamins, minerals and proteins, which are transfused into a deeper layer of the skin because of the LED light. The hydrogel mask was so cold! It went on like a tissue mask but obviously more thick and gel-like, it was so cool and refreshing.


We then laid down for ten minutes with the roboesque contraption on our faces, before Sharon removed them and applied SPF cream. My skin was left feeling a little sticky but definitely hydrated, there was no tightness whatsoever. A quick check in the mirror and I didn’t look much brighter or smoother but Sharon advised we could expect to wait 24-48 hours before seeing any results. She gave us a special sleep recovery cream to keep the skin supple and hydrated, and seal all of the good stuff in. This is an amazing cream, so so thick and creamy, it smells delicious and really does the job.

The cost of this treatment is around £65 and you’re recommended to have 4-6 sessions to get significant results. If I had plenty of money to spare I might consider it, and I think LED is a fantastic way to treat skin, as I age I will probably use it more and more. But for now, I get the same or even better results from a single occasional use of this product.



Available at most drugstores including Superdrug and Boots

This tissue mask is such a miracle for dry skin, even my boyfriend is hooked, he’s never bought a skincare product in his life but he always asks after this product. I got one for him when I noticed his skin was looking a little dry. One half an hour session with this and he was glowing.

Non drying, non clogging, non sticky, just pure hydration. I’d advise using before bed or leave at least several hours if you’re doing it first thing as it can leave your face looking a little greasy. This mask is brightening, hydrating and all round glorious, grab some for yourself, your mum, your friends, your professor, they will thank you!

Hope you enjoyed this mini article! x

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