DIY Spa: Brightening turmeric facial

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of research about natural remedies to brighten skin, especially as we go into spring. I discovered a South Asian beauty secret that has so many advocates from the everyday woman to the most famous of Bollywood stars. The secret is turmeric, there are so many ways that people have been incorporating turmeric into their beauty routines, with fabulous results. One variation of these is called The Haldi mask, which involves making a turmeric paste:

Turmeric has so many great benefits, aside from skin brightening, it can be used for:

  • weight loss
  • teeth whitening
  • hair growth
  • psoriasis treatment


Indian brides apply turmeric paste to make their skin glow as well as deter any blemishes for their special day. Turmeric has anti-bacterial qualities that are great at combatting acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema and dark marks. There’s a reason why we’ve been told to drink turmeric in hot tea when we feel a cold coming on. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant. It gives the face and skin an overall brightness and glow, which we miss in the winter months because of the absence of sunshine and vitamin D.

Plus this mask’s bright yellow colour makes your face literally look like sunshine when you have it on!

Read more at:

Watch Priyanka Chopra demonstrate three of her favourite natural beauty remedies, one of which includes her own personalised version of a turmeric mask:

Desperate for a glow of my own, I decided to try out my own turmeric mask, I used natural greek yoghurt and a few pinches of turmeric.

Here are the results, what do you think? I think turmeric is a fabulous beauty remedy for glowing skin and I’m definitely going to be using it more.

Blogger Turmeric Facial Results



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