My Month: November

Hi, I know, it’s been a while! I thought I’d put out a little update of some of the things I’ve been up to this month, because it feels like so much has happened since my last post!

Becoming a Yogi (or trying to)


This month I really started getting into yoga, it’s amazing how aligned, energised and relaxed my body feels after even a quick session. I love how yoga can incorporate cardio and stretching, you feel like you’re working out your whole body at once.

Here are some of the routines I’ve been doing, and loving the results so far. I try to do at least fifteen minutes a day, an hour if I’m feeling amazing. Fifteen minutes seems like a little but really it can kill you if it’s a good routine, perfect if you’re in a rush.

Eating wise, I’ve been pretty naughty as usual, I’ve been trying to get more fruit and veg in when I can, God knows I need it! I find it so much easier to eat healthy out in restaurants these days, with loads of yummy veggie and vegan meals on the menu, just a shame I haven’t been out too often! Everyone works in my house on crazy schedules, so these days it’s either a home-cooked meal or a takeaway, about 50/50. For some reason I’ve had Hawaiian pizza three days in a row, BUT tonight I am gonna have heaps of veg, yknow B A L A N C E, hehe. I have a photoshoot coming up soon so watch this space- I’m planning on cutting down on my wine, cutting out pizza, chocolate, sweets and cake until then. Notice how I missed crisps off that list, I need crisps.

Bleaching my hair!

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So I dyed my hair! The last time I dyed my hair I was about fifteen, it was relaxed and I used a box-colour that claimed to be a ‘honey blonde’. I know right, cringe! It came out a vivid ginger and a month or two later my hair was so frayed and dried my mum insisted on chopping it off at ear-length. It was terrible. So six years later and my hair has totally changed, in those years I’ve ditched the relaxer and rediscovered my curls, BUT I still wanted colour badly! I’m going to make a confession: inside, I am a blonde. The first time I put on a blonde wig I was like ‘Yes!’ this is my true form, my features were popping, my skin looked a gorgeous hue I’d never seen on it before. I wanted to dye my hair so badly but the horrors of my first experience haunted me, and I was terrified of throwing away all the hard work I’d put in to growing and maintaining my natural hair. Eventually I built up the courage and started searching for a salon I could trust, I settled on the Elite Hair Lounge near Stockwell station, I was super, super nervous! The bleach went on and stayed on for quite a while, then came the toner, and my hair was dried mostly naturally with a little help from the diffuser and some KMS curling products. Even though I’ve ended up with sort of a warm golden brown rather than the sandy blonde I wanted, I actually love the colour, it’s warming and suitably autumnal, my hair also feels surprisingly good, there’s no detectable difference in my strands. I can’t believe I was so worried before, it’s going to be difficult ever going back to all black hair, I feel like my face has had a lift. If I do want to achieve the blonde of my dreams I’m going to have to have another round of bleach. I’m content for now but I know one day I’m going to go the whole hog and become the blonde bombshell I was always destined to be- Summer 2018, I’m looking at you!

For any naturals considering bleach, these would be my top tips:

  1. Find a reputable salon, check out their before and after pics and make sure their colourist is on point!
  2. Be realistic, if like me your hair is super dark, then it’s probably going to take a few tries to really lift your locks!
  3. Take care of your hair before hand, most advice articles I found online recommended staying away from heat for 2-3 weeks beforehand, so I did this and also kept my hair twisted with plenty of moisturiser for the week before (extra I know, but your girl wasn’t taking any chances!)

Working with Polished Salon!


I was invited to go and have a complimentary treatment at the Polished salon in South London. After missing the train I’d planned to get from Victoria, and then getting off at the wrong stop and having to get an Uber, I was a little bit late! The salon was gorgeous and my first ever professional pedicure was absolutely gorgeous! I had a LOT of prosecco, and then Michelle gave me the prettiest manicure ever. If you live in the area I would definitely recommend Polished, for super friendly ladies and immaculate treatments! They even have a knicker/panty tree! After a full day at Polished I suggested running a giveaway on my Instagram to get the word out about the salon! It’s too late to enter now but hopefully there’ll be another competition soon, with a totally different treatment up for grabs, so stay tuned!



Uni and all that jazz!

So November is assignment month, hence the lower activity on my blog recently- sorry guys! It’s no exaggeration to say, I have spent most of the past three weeks with my butt firmly glued to my bed (yes I work in bed, lol) propped up by pillows, with my laptop on, well, my lap, watching the sun rise and then set again. I have written thousands upon thousands of words this past month, I have a deadline tomorrow, and as soon as that’s over exam prep starts! I know right, the hard life of a first year. Most of my friends are writing their third year dissertations right now, so I shouldn’t complain, but life’s so hard when you’re as lazy as I am.

So that’s it guys! I’ve had a great November so far and I hope you have too, can’t wait to catch up again later x

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