The ultimate guide to Christmas gift ideas for every stage of a relationship

Buying gifts for guys can be hard.

Unless they’re majorly into something or weirdly distribute their Christmas list like a nine-year-old kid it can be kind of hard to get that pitch-perfect gift. Like what if you’re ‘talking’, what if he got you a card for your birthday and not a gift but he signed the card with ‘lots of love’? Pay attention, these are tricky waters to navigate. Now is the time to set the tone for 2018, to get the gift that shows you care but like, not in a weird way, that represents just how cool and thoughtful of a girl you are. So here it is, the ULTIMATE guide to gifts for every relationship or situationship, scroll down to find yours. Let’s get started shall we:

That hot co-worker/friend-of-a-friend/guy you’ve been getting with who you want to make bae in 2018:

Don’t go expressing your undying love, but now is the perfect time to show this person that they’re (sometimes) on your mind. Do they have a candy they’re obsessed with? Get them a big packet and a cute Christmas card, no need to wrap the sweets, the key here is casual. “Oh, you like these right?” He sure does, and now when he eats them he’ll be thinking about you.

The guy you’ve been super casually dating, but you haven’t decided if it’s worth risking the amazing friendship you have, and you’re not sure if the spark’s there:

This is quite a tricky one as you don’t want to be too matey but you don’t wanna go full blown romantic, I’d say stay in neutral territory and look to the arts for inspiration, that means music, books, and tv. Get him a book by his favourite author or about a topic he’s interested in, it shows you’re interested and thoughtful without too much romantic commitment.

The guy you met on Tinder/Bumble who took you on an extravagant first date, and is sort of growing on you even though he tries too hard:

The key here is humour, you want to gently tease him about his fancy-pants ways, and let him know it’s the guy underneath that you’re interested in. I’d use a two-pronged approach; a leather bound journal (extra points if it’s monogrammed) and a novelty card, or give him a gift-card to a cute burger place like ‘Five Guys’ and let him know it’s your turn to pick the next date location.

The one who’s been chasing you to go on a date, and when you finally did you didn’t know what to make of it even though he’s like the nicest guy ever:

Again, you don’t know what to make of this situation so the best thing to do is keep it light and generic, chances are this guy’s gonna get you a gift or a card at the least, seeing as he’s out to make a good impression. I’d say get him Christmas sweets or chocolate but 86 the card.

The FWB you think has potential to go full blown boyf in 2018, but you don’t know if he’s getting the message:

Ah the classic scenario of a fuck-boy getting in the feels, not to say that all FWBs are fuck-boys because they aren’t, but still. The answer here is… nothing. Give him nothing for Christmas, text him on Christmas day and wish him a happy Xmas, ask him out for a coffee before New Year. In this super busy time, if he’s keen for a get-together with no sexual possibilities then there may be hope. Play it cool but push for the initial outing, if you’re both feeling it then things should develop from there, if he’s not keen then tell him ‘Boy, bye!”

The guy you’re on that crucial period with, where you’ve just made it official and he’s gonna call you his girlfriend like any day:

Awww, get him a cute gift that relates to you both as a couple, maybe concert tickets to an artist you both love, or something he told you he loved as a kid, maybe you could book a fun date, something a bit unusual like sushi-making or tickets to the Natural History Museum after-dark. Now’s the time to show him you care and that you’re hopeful for the future, make it something fun!

The one you’ve just started dating but who got you a really super-expensive gift for the last holiday/birthday:

You don’t have to match his extravagant gesture and he shouldn’t be expecting you to, but you can tell that this guy thinks gifts are important, so no matter how much you spend, it needs to be thoughtful. If he’s a classy dude there are plenty of simple options he’s sure to adore, monogramming is key, everyone loves a personalised touch. A leather journal, wallet, scarf, book-mark (ONLY if he’s a notably avid reader) all of the above can be personalised online to elevate your gift to the next level.

The one you’ve just started dating but who got you a really cheap/no gift for the last holiday/birthday:

This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but different strokes for different folks right? Now’s your opportunity to set the tone for the kind of gift you think is appropriate, also remember that you’ve now been seeing each other for longer than you were when he got you (didn’t get you) a gift so it’s not weird to do a little better. I’d keep towards the edible route, maybe some sweets or chocolate and a fun novelty book from a gift-store.

Your shiny new boyfriend (0-3 months):

Not to be patronising but ‘awww!’ the honeymoon stage is just the best isn’t it? You’ve found this amazing guy and you’re exclusive and committed and everything is going great. Now’s the time to bask in the gloriousness of it and I think the best gifts are experiences, dates or something else you can both do together. How about a romantic night away at a hotel or something fun or active like rock climbing or indoor sky-diving. If you’re thinking about a longer getaway you could get a personalised piggy bank for your ‘holiday fund’.

Your lovely sort-of-quite-serious boyfriend (3-18 months):

Things are still fun (obv or you wouldn’t be together) but also pretty serious, you’ve met each other’s friends and family and you see a future. Now’s the perfect time for gifts that are a little cheeky, Ann Summers have some great things including IOU cheques and sexy-time dice. You can mix these up with a few other cheap treats, and maybe one really nice present, the Raybans he’s been longing for, or the trainers he’s been lusting after.

Your longterm boyfriend (+18 months):

So you know each other super well by now, and you’re probably more than comfortable asking for something you’ve been coveting for ages. If you’re stumped for ideas and your SO hasn’t got any suggestions to help you out, you can always refer to the holy trinity of Christmas gifts for loved ones. 1.) Something they need– do they keep stealing your socks, desperately need some moisturiser of their own, or maybe they just started a new job and they have like two ties. 2.) Something they want– this means it’s gotta be all about them, even if you can’t stand the video-game/movie/artist/singer/restaurant, get them something to do with that thing they adore. 3.) Something sentimental– to me a gift isn’t complete without a personal touch, this can be as big or small as you want; a card you designed online, a framed picture of the two of you, or a stack of annotated polaroids. Get all three for bonus points!


You know this article is sort of tongue and cheek right? Like everyone’s different, every relationship is unique, don’t stress guys! And Merry Merry Christmas!


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