Winter Bronze Makeup look Step-by-Step

Beautiful bronze makeup is the kind of look that works all year round, not just in the summer.

For a recent photoshoot, I used some of my all-time favourite products to create this bronze-dipped look, continue below for step-by-step details.

Blog Winter Bronze makeup


1.) You know the basics, start with a clean exfoliated, moisturised face. Apply concealer in upside down triangles under the eyes and in an upside down triangle under the nose, plus over any blemishes or discolourations. Blend with a sponge or brush. My favourite concealer is the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer, you can get it here.



2.) Next I always do my brows! I use a small angled brush and my concealer to create an outline around my natural brows. I then fill the outline with feathery strokes of powder, I don’t use a brow powder as I prefer to mix taupe and brown eyeshadows to get the exact shade. Once I’ve filled my brows, I define the point with a black kohl liner starting at the thickest point of the brow and tapering out.

3.) Next it’s gotta be eyes, I applied ‘Nooner’ from the Naked 3 palette to the outer corners of the eyes and blended inwards, I also like to apply a tiny bit under the eyes for a sultry look. Then I applied ‘Pinkheart’ from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glowkit to the inner corners and partially blended it onto the upper and lower lids, I love the way it opens your eyes! Then comes mascara, I used volume million lashes for this look, with lots and lots on the lower lashes for that doll-look. Then I put on Ardell Demi Wispies which are my absolute go-to lashes, they’re subtle and pretty enough for everyday or you can add mascara to amp up the look, like I did for this one. Handy Tip! You can get four pairs for around £9 on Amazon! Buy a few packs and keep your lashes stocked! 71do7tUo8DL._SL1000_

4.) I like putting on blush before foundation for a more blended glow, so I use the apricot side of my MUA Blush perfection in Riot and blend with my fingers. Then I put on my foundation, starting in the middle of the face, nose and forehead and then blending outwards with a brush.

5.) Next comes CONTOUR! I applied the Fenty Beauty MatchStix in Truffle in diagonal lines from the mid ear on each side to either side of the chin, kind of like a V without the point, sorry this sounds confusing! Basically you can contour however you like, as it’s all about face-shape and just your general preference. I also contour my nose, on either side and under my jaw-line to emphasise the shadow there. Then set your contour and foundation with a banana powder, there are all different kinds but mine is gorgeous and brightening and was only a few pounds from Makeup Revolution which you can get in Superdrug 🙂



6.) Then it’s lips, make sure yours are moisturised and exfoliated before you start, then one of my favourites is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip because it’s so moisturising and the colour is so rich, the shade is ‘Strip’ which is a light nudey pink. Then I put on the Fenty Universal Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer in the centre of the top and bottom lips for a sexy shine.

To finish, I put on more ‘Pinkheart’ just under the brows, on the bridge and tip of the nose and on the cupids bow and around the bottom lip, plus under the eyes. This is a good tip, for my kind of face shape where the cheekbones are not particularly prominent and I get shadows under the eyes, you can use highlighter under the eyes rather than on the cheeks!


Voila! Bronzed and Glowy!


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