Caring for coloured natural hair

Hello one and all! It’s NYE, I hope you’re all up to something fun and not too stressy tonight, I’ve got a Thai meal planned with the family, followed by a bit of a pub crawl. It’s been about six weeks since I dyed my naturally thick curly hair, and although I was nervous as hell (I’ve grown my hair out with great care and anxiety and treat it basically like spun gold) I was really happy with the results, both in the colour and the quality of the curl. Here are the rules I’ve been trying to stick to to help insure my hair’s health:

Less handling: Protective Style and keep it loose

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up with your hair already done! Box-braids, crochet, corn-rows I love them all, corn-rows are the quickest but don’t last nearly as long as other styles. I recently had corn-rows in for a week just to give my hair a break from handling and me a break from doing it, what a load off the mind. It should also probably be mentioned here that the chunkier and bigger the braid the better because the more hair is being protected, very thin braids put pressure on the scalp and the hair.

Protect the ends!

Super important! One thing I’ve noticed since bleaching my hair is that unfortunately I do have several more split ends, processed or coloured hair has a harder time holding onto moisture. I’ve tried to combat this by using a jelly-like product from Shea Moisture, although it’s formulated for edges, it gives a good hold and has the oily texture that I need to preserve moisture in my ends. I apply it to the ends when hair is slightly damp, not too wet or the product will run off!


Supplement and drink yo’ water!

Caring for natural curly hair after bleaching colouring

I’m the first to admit that my diet can be diabolical- especially after Christmas, my blood is 50% melted cheese right now, but I know that my hair needs more vitamins than I’ve been giving it lately! I’ve tried and tested a few different supplements over the years and some of them really do put that spring in your step, for hair health and growth you want something with B12, Biotin and Zinc, there’s always something new so check out the reviews on Amazon or pop into your local health product store.

There you have my basic guide for caring for bleached natural hair, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be and compared to relaxing the damage is minimal and very manageable. The best thing about colouring as opposed to other treatments I’ve had like relaxing or the Brazilian Blow Dry, is that my curls are completely in tact and my texture hasn’t been affected.

I started this article NYE and finished on New Year’s Day! So Happy New Year everyone, wishing you the best that life can bring this year, happiness, prosperity and love because we all deserve it, I hope that you take action towards your dreams this year and turn thoughts into a reality! Here’s to 2018!

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