Body Transformation: Day 1

It may not be New Year’s BUT it is the 1st of March and there’s nothing like a new beginning to make a fresh start. I almost can’t quite bring myself to admit how unhealthy and lazy I’ve been when it comes to eating right and working out this past year. I’ve been to Rome twice, and best believe me when I say I made it a personal challenge to eat as much cheese and bread as humanly possible each day when I was there. I’ve survived off convenience foods, instant noodles, crisps and cup-a-soups, basically for no other reason than I’m lazy, and I’ve had an average of two take-aways a week because it’s been cold and I like the indoors. I’ve been drinking virtually every day, a least a glass of wine if not more. I’ve been to the gym about twice a month and I’ve basically only exercised when I’ve been forced to use my legs to get from one place to another. Basically, it hasn’t been good and I’ve been living every day like it’s Christmas which has been great but also not that great when you think about it.

But it hasn’t always been like this! When I was in school I used to eat a healthy varied diet and go to the gym almost every day, it was literally just my routine, and I have a routine now, the only thing is it’s a really bad one. I’m really tired all the time, things have to change.

The good thing is, I know what my body is capable of, there was a time when I had a really high level of fitness (when I was dancing I was doing an average of 2 hours exercise a day), I also know that I do have it in me to be disciplined with my eating and alcohol intake and how my body can look with a bit of extra care and commitment.

It’s gonna take a massive effort to overhaul my diet and lifestyle, but I think for the sake of my future health and general happiness I really need to set off down the right track.

Salma Hayek is my dream body, I know it’s probably unattainable for me and I wouldn’t wanna completely change myself but I can still admire her mega-toned tummy and defined waist- like how, Salma, how?!?!?


I’m not weighing myself because I don’t really care about weight, my mum trained as a personal trainer and she always encouraged me to focus on measurements rather than weight, because sometimes you can gain muscle and look better but actually weigh more. It’s not particularly that I want to lose weight, I just want to tighten up and increase my fitness. Perfection is not the aim, progress is!

My waist is 26.5″ and my hips are 38″ (I know 38″ seems quite a lot to me too, I always thought I had a smallish butt) at the moment. I want to focus on building the illusion of an hourglass figure, in reality I’m a pear shape, but by training my shoulders, toning up my waist and training my hips I think I can do this. My goal measurements are 24.5″ waist and 40″ hips so I’m gonna be using a combination of cardio and weight-training exercises to shape up.

I’m gonna be posting my journey, tips and tricks on my Instagram and Snapchat so follow along if you fancy, if anyone has any advice please do shoot a message my way. I’m not claiming to be an expert in any of this at all btw, just a girl out here tryna live my best life.

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