Makeup Revolution New Goodies Review (Conceal & Define Concealer, Baking Oil, Renaissance Lipsticks)

Makeup Revolution – Conceal & Define Concealer:


By now Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Define concealer has gained itself quite a rep, it’s been compared to Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer for its full-coverage abilities. I’ve been dying to try it. I tested it out yesterday on my arm and WOW, that is some thickness, also the colour match is pretty perfect. When it came to actually using it on my face, I went with the usual upside-down triangles under the eyes plus either side of and under the nose- AMAZING I thought as I blended out my generously applied product. I had the brilliant idea that I should apply it all over the face as a base layer, very BAD idea, I had a severe case of cake-face and had to wipe a lot of it off.


WARNING- this stuff is THICK! Learn from my mistake, less is more with this stuff. They have a good range of colours and there’s no doubt this stuff can cover blemishes and dark circles well. For only £4.00 can you really afford not to have this product in your beauty arsenal?



Makeup Revolution – Baking Oil:


I really like this product, applying it makes me feel like some international beauty guru scientist hybrid. Once again, my heavy handedness let me down a bit here and my makeup was slipping and sliding all over the place on top of this. I was nervous about this clogging up my pores but I have a feeling the oil actually conditions your skin and protects against the foundation, however I wouldn’t really recommend this for oily skin. I’m always drawn to products with oil because my skin is bone dry and I need to lock in moisture. Using this a second time was much more successful, this product is best for dry chapped lips and keeping lips moist under lipsticks especially drying mattes.


A handy product to have, a life saver for dry skinned gals, or anyone who suffers the perils of chapped matte lipstick. Again be really careful not to use too much, but a great product with a great price (£6.00).



Makeup Revolution – Renaissance Lipstick:


So I was almost on my way out of Superdrug and away from the Makeup Revolution display when these little beauties in their rose-gold packaging caught my eye. I chose this gorgeous flattering colour ‘Untoward’. It’s well pigmented with a great lip contouring effect for a great pout, love a pink lip!


£4.00, like four-pounds, actually amazing! I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of every colour they chose, but that is obviously totally subjective, the actual lipstick itself goes on smoothly and gives a good coverage and a lip-plumping effect.


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