Body Transformation: Day 14

Two weeks into my diet and exercise overhaul, four weeks left to go!

I started my regime on the 1st of March when I was basically really tired of eating terribly and not having any kind of regular exercise. On the day I started, my waist was 26.5 inches and my hips were 38 inches. My goal was to achieve the appearance of an hourglass figure by shrinking my waist and working on building up my hips, bum and shoulders. My biggest strategies were going to be a combination of cardio, yoga and weight-training which I optimistically thought I would be able to switch between each day- that did NOT happen lol.

My week one plans were ever so slightly derailed by the heavy snow in the area and I was stuck in most of the time, but I still took time to do little home workouts or yoga routines on YouTube. Once the snow melted at the end of week one, I could properly get into my gym routine, and to be fair to me, I have kept it up quite well. I’ve been going 3-4 times a week which is bound to make a difference since my average used to be once a month, hehe. I’ve also drastically reduced my calorie intake and it hasn’t taken that much effort, I don’t know why, I just haven’t been as hungry as usual these days. I’ve still had treats like pizza on a Saturday and a lavish breakfast on a Friday, but where I was getting loads of calories from snacks and alcohol before, I’m not anymore. I don’t diet because I’m just not capable, plus I still feel too young to be cutting out whole food groups and messing with my metabolism like that. I’m also drinking more water, herbal teas like green tea, trying to eat more fruit and veg. Other variables to note are that I came off of the pill near the start of my plan so whether that’s made a difference to my appetite or water retention or anything like that I don’t know.

Today marks two weeks from when I started and my waist is 25.5 inches and my hips are 37.5 so it’s bitter sweet. I’ve lost an inch from my waist overall which is great and half an inch from my hips which is not so good, especially as I’ve been doing weight exercises focused on that area.Β I’m pleased with how my shoulders look, they are definitely more toned and defined, and even though I’ve lost half an inch on my hips, my bum does look more toned so you win some and lose some I guess. My plan moving forward is to reduce my cardio just a little bit and add more weights into my sessions, truthfully I probably am doing too much cardio, considering I walk to and from the gym and then like to do a long interval session. I’m really not experienced with working out to gain muscle but I’m going to do some more research and increase my protein intake to encourage muscle growth.

This is actually so fun- who knew, looking forward to the next four weeks!



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