Body Transformation: Day 28

Okay more like day 30, I’m publishing late because I would normally publish on a Thursday but this week I spent allll day in London shooting the Fussy Face Cosmetic launch campaign and ahhhhhhhh I am SO excited! And then I was suddenly struck by the flu and spent all of yesterday tucked up in bed feeling sorry for myself. But anyway let’s get in to this:

Safe to say I’ve hit a slight bump in the road, mostly down to the fact that I have been busy, busy, busy, busy lately.

The last 15 days have been a mental mix of uni course-work, blogger events and parties, photoshoots, making sure everything is ready to launch my business and deciding to declutter and reorder everything in my room, top to bottom (because why not?)

I am so so sad to say that my fitness journey has not been my primary focus and has definitely taken a bit of a back seat, but that’s life right? It would be hard to name a person who had total freedom to go to the gym whenever and for however long they like, obviously we need to make time for these things, but sometimes you might be down, or tired or hungover and you can’t think of anything you’d less like to do than go sweat it out in the gym for 90 minutes.

Regardless, as hectic and exhausted as I’ve been, I really really have not wanted to tarnish my hard-work in weeks prior. I have given in to roughly one Burger King and two pizzas in the past two weeks (oops?) but my boozy week day nights are a thing of the past, and though I might drink more at events and parties, I’ve been detoxing with lemon water the next morning and eating a varied diet with fruit and veg. I’ve managed the gym just a couple of times the past fortnight which is obviously far less than I would aim for, but I’m happy to say I’ve maintained my measurements of 25.5 waist and 37.5 hips which I’m pretty pleased about…

And this is how I did it!

Home Workouts!

I love quick easy workouts that get up a little bit of a sweat that you can do before breakfast or before bed without even leaving the house. It is pretty hard to make an excuse as to why you can’t spare 15 minutes to workout in your own living room and there are lots of studies that give evidence about how short burst workouts really can work! Here are some of my favourites:


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