The Minimix Bar Launch Party!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a launch party at The Megaro Hotel on Thursday 22nd March, to celebrate the launch of the world’s largest minibar!

I had a university assessment that afternoon so I knew it would be a bit of a rush getting back home, getting ready and then in to central London but I am so glad I decided to do it. It was a fantastic evening with a cool setting, delicious food and drink and a great atmosphere.

The hotel has a funky, brightly coloured design on the outside and if you’ve ever been to King’s Cross station you’ve definitely seen it before. On the inside the Minimix bar itself was bright and fun but more intimate than you might imagine, it’s fantastic for hotel guests but also warrants a visit for the bar alone. There is unlimited popcorn and at the bar you can help yourself to a selection of wine, beer and cocktails. Minimix has its own house beer and a really lovely range of cocktails so there’s something for everybody.

Celebrities like Lizzy Cundy and Kady McDermott were all in attendance to celebrate the launch of Minimix, the setting of which is a fusion of Victorian influence and steam-punk décor. There’s a really interesting story behind the Minimix mice you’ll find all over the venue (not real mice, you can relax!). The idea is that Minimix is a kind of time machine that has been travelling across space-time for the last 150 years, fueled by a blue substance created by a tribe of genius mice, cool right?!

Sam Lane Photography
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The party later continued in the piano bar downstairs, The Megaro Bar, which is an underground speakeasy style cocktail bar. There were delicious treats (my favourite were the white chocolate macarons and the teeny lemon meringue pies which were soo yummy!), exceptionally friendly staff and a great atmosphere, complete with live music as the evening progressed.

I took my friend Megan along, and we both had so many tasty cocktails that we thought only had prosecco in, but later when we actually read the cocktail menu (idiots) we realised they were actually French 75s and also contained gin, which explained how we had suddenly found ourselves in *very* high spirits! We were well looked after, and the piano bar is a great intimate location with plenty of red velvet curtains and cosy booths. The live music and singing paired with the sultry decor created a really unique atmosphere, the bar was buzzing but not overcrowded, it was a truly special night out.

I would definitely go back the both the Minimix and the Megaro Bar, and would recommend them to anyone who likes something a little different on a night out. Thank you for having us!




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