Video: Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Step-by-Step

1. Apply liquid concealer in upside-down triangles under the eyes and under the eyebrows. I am using one from L’Oréal here.
2. Next apply any colour correcting makeup necessary, here I am using a little green to balance out redness on cheeks, nose and forehead.
3. Blend blend blend!
4. Fill in eyebrows- I use an angled brush and a dark brown/black powder from the Naked Basics palette. Start at the outer corner with the darkest shade and fill in with a later shade towards the middle of the brow.
5. Apply the lightest shade you’re using in your smokey eye as a base on the whole lid. All colours I used in the smokey eye are from the Urban Decay Smokey Eye palette.
6. Blend the next darkest shade between the crease and lash line.
7. Using an angled brush take a black eyeshadow and draw a wing from the centre of the lash line outwards.
8. Apply foundation and blend.
9. Apply contour at the cheekbones and nose and blend.
10. Take a cream contour a few shades lighter than the skin and apply on the outside of the contour lines (see video for example).
11. Apply a white powder to the contour and blend.
12. Apply blush.
13. Take the medium shade used for the smokey eye and line halfway across the bottom lash line.
14. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes
15. Apply highlighter to cheek bones, bridge of nose and Cupid’s bow.
16. Apply lipstick, here I used Fussy Face Cosmetics Lip Vinyl in Princesa.

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