How to SUPER-SIZE your eyes and lips with makeup – a 30 second tutorial

Everybody wants to highlight their eyes and have their lips looking pretty and plump! I’ve explained the techniques I used on Emily read on below!

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger:

1. First thing’s first, set a good base and use an eyeshadow primer, be sure to cover dark circles with concealer and set with a powder or spray.
2. BIG BEAUTIFUL EYE TRICK: a great trick with eyeshadow is to use a light colour on the lid and a darker shade above the crease and up to the brow-bone. This might be the opposite of what you expect but dark colours and liner around the eye actually make the eye look smaller. By doing this here, Emily’s eyes look twice the size and we didn’t even use false lashes!
3. USE COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS TO MAKE YOUR EYE-COLOUR POP LIKE CRAZY! This is one of my favourite tricks, as soon as we put the pink shadow on Emily her eyes looked even bluer.

It’s really simple you just need to use opposite shadow colours to your eye-colour to make your eyes stand out.
Green eyes – use copper, gold, red and purple
Blue eyes- use pink, orange, copper and red
Hazel eyes- use green, blue, purple
For Brown eyes- near enough any colour can be complementary, I like to use pale colours like lilac, white, cream and pale pink to contrast with the dark.
4. LINE THE WATER-LINE with a white or pale pink pencil, start in the inner-corner of the eye and line the bottom lash-line with a light colour, instantly bigger eyes.
5. HIGHLIGHTER in the inner corners, no one really knows quite why this works so well but it makes the eyes really POP! Here I used the Moonchild palette from ABH.
6. A good quality mascara goes without saying, and an eyelash curler is even better!

Now for Plump, Juicy Lips:

1. OVERLINE, shocker right? You need a lip-liner, preferably a few shades darker than the lipstick you’re going to use, carefully over-line the lips. Be careful to emphasise the top and bottom of the lips, making the overall height of the lips bigger, not the width, you want the lips to look plumper NOT wider.

2. CONTOUR your lips for MAX VOLUME. Apply lipstick and then if you prefer you can apply another lipstick in a lighter shade in the centre of the lips for ultimate plumpness.

In my opinion it is easier to fake bigger plumper lips with matte lipstick, and then a touch of gloss on top in the centre of the lips, but I used a gloss here and it came out pretty good.

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