How to Create Your Dream Life Using The Law of Attraction: Part One

The Law of Attraction is simply this: our minds and our energy have power, and whatever you focus on breeds more of the same. You can reach your goals in life through visualisation, inspired action and gratitude for what you already have, and everything you receive. The only limits that exist, are limits that we put on ourselves and the only thing that can stop you achieving your full potential is you yourself.

I was one of those people who, when I first heard about the Law of Attraction, rolled my eyes and was like ‘this is some bullsh*t!’. I didn’t believe for one minute that you could become a more successful, happier person by thinking nice thoughts. I totally understand if this is what you think because I used to be the same.

I never realised this, but my parents actually raised me to use the Law of Attraction all throughout my childhood. They were very big on being positive, making big goals, never speaking negatively about the future or yourself or others. They raised me to be confident, speak things into existence and never limit myself in life. During my younger years I really did take this for granted, with the encouragement of my parents I was confident, a goal-setter, I always believed my future was bright and sunny and I could do anything if I wanted it enough.

We could say my teenage years were… different. The positive, go-getter I was as a child was gone, and the older I got, the more insecure, negative and plain miserable I became. Between the ages of 16 and 18 I gradually got worse, until I would come straight home from school and climb into bed every afternoon, if I went at all. I often woke up so sad and depressed I couldn’t face the day at all, my anxiety was at an all time high, I would physically sweat and tremble in class, and my brain would totally fog over if I was called on to answer a question, the tense anxiety I felt in school just worsened my depression and made me want to shut everything out. I pushed all my friends away, I turned down invitations, I didn’t want to take part in a life I couldn’t make sense of or see a point in. There was nothing I could think that I wanted to do or be, I just felt empty and the more I thought about it, the more guilty I felt knowing how privileged I was, I hated myself. I felt wasteful, lonely, I felt I didn’t deserve my life and I wasn’t a good person.

I can’t remember exactly how I got onto the path I am now, all I know is it took a very long time, I had to learn not to give in to all my negative feelings, to learn to feel less overwhelmed, to put things in perspective and save my energy for the important things. I guess it gradually started by me not paying attention to what anyone else had to say and just thinking ‘I’ve got one life I’m going to do what I want’. So much of my unhappiness stemmed from the believe that I’d have to have a 9-5 when I was older, doing a job I wasn’t interested in, I always envied the girls on Instagram and the bloggers who got to write about, take pictures of and experience amazing things in the world of beauty, fashion and travel. I didn’t think I could ever do anything like that, I thought I wasn’t pretty or popular enough and that people would wonder who the hell I thought I was. But I was wrong, I was limiting myself, and starting my blog was one of the first steps I took that put me on a path I was actually happy and excited about. I was so excited to make my website, design my logo, start making reviews and tutorials, it was all fun.

I’ve been consciously using the Law of Attraction to set and achieve my goals for the last six months and it really has changed my life for the better. I’ve achieved more in these past few months than I would have in years if I wasn’t following the steps I’ll set out in part two.

The key is to do what you enjoy in life, it’s such a satisfying feeling being passionate about something and putting positive energy out there. The more grateful and happy I felt, the more opportunities came my way, the more people I met, even more opportunities came my way, it was this amazing cycle of positivity and I really started to feel like I was building a life I could love.

Don’t get me wrong, there were slow times, there were boring times, there were set backs. I still haven’t recovered from the Instagram algorithm changes, and there are times I’ve gone months without an email from a brand, or any kind of opportunities, but then something would always happen, a sign to let me know I was on the right path. Some examples of these have been; being invited into an Instagram engagement group with some of the most gorgeous models and bloggers I’ve ever seen, being invited to exclusive events, sent freebies, heartfelt messages from someone who’d been following me and plenty more. A couple months ago I was walking around uni with my friend and I told her that I was going to buy some hair-extensions for a photoshoot and if I had a hairspray dye I would be able to spray my hair to match, but I didn’t know where or how I would get the spray, I got home that afternoon and there was a message sitting in my inbox from Hair Flash Color, offering me a spray dye of my choice, no word of a lie! The specifics of it were shocking to me and I was actually a little freaked out. I told my friend and she said it was the Law of Attraction at work and I thought whoah, turns out I had been manifesting some of my goals without even realising.

I follow some great accounts on Instagram, girls around my age who are absolutely living life, killing it in business, looking after themselves and sharing tips and inspiration with their followers. When once this would have really intimidated me, now I find it motivating, one of the main things I’ve learnt by reading up on the Law of Attraction is that there is enough for everyone, you can be inspired instead of being jealous because there is enough love, time, money, friends in the world for everyone to be happy and successful. I started by reading books they recommended, learning more about money, because some of my biggest anxieties have always been about having enough money to get a house and family of my own while I’m still young. I started listening to positive affirmations in the morning to start my day off well, it was a bit weird and jarring at first, but I think that’s because our society is so critical and we’re a lot more used to criticising ourselves than saying nice things about ourselves. 

To learn how to manifest your own goals and start creating your dream life right now, stay tuned for part two where I’ll set out the simple steps you can put in place to make things happen!

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