London Diaries: First Time at Nobu + Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Review

I finally got the chance to visit Nobu on Park Lane last Wednesday and it was amazing. I’ve heard so much about it but never actually got round to paying a visit. I absolutely LOVE sushi so I was in heaven. I had the Lychee Oasis cocktail to start, which is a mix of ‘JJ Whitley Vodka, Yuzushu, Lychee Liquor and Lychee Puree’. It was so refreshing, I would definitely recommend it, it was a little indicator of what was to come, everything at Nobu tasted SO fresh. The miso soup was really yummy and delicate.

Next we had the Baby tiger shrimp with three sauces, the shrimp was gorgeous and delicate and the sauces were really tasted as well, there was a special soy, a jalapeño blend and a sauce that looked and tasted a bit like thousand island dressing. I could easily sit home with a bucket of these shrimp and work my way through them (classy, right?).

Then we had the Asparagus and avocado tempura which isn’t something I’ve had before but was really yummy, the Nobu tempura batter was tasty and light, I liked how you could still taste the vegetables, they weren’t just saturated with oil.

Next up was the legendary Black Cod, it’s easy to see why it’s such a crowd favourite, it’s really light, buttery and soft, the sweet miso sauce is delicious, 10/10 would recommend.

New-Style Sashimi was also fantastic, even though I embarrassed myself trying to eat it with chopsticks, even though it took me a couple of attempts, it was really delicious and definitely worth the effort.

For dessert, we each had the Warm Chocolate Standagi, which was absolutely incredible, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s a very unusual combination of flavours; vanilla ice-cream, honey roasted pistachios, a berry (I think cherry) sauce, and the ‘Standagi’ were like small churro-esque doughnuts filled with a creamy, warm chocolate sauce. It was so yummy and enough to be satisfying without feeling like you’ve over indulged.

I feel like because everything was so fresh and such amazing quality I left the meal feeling so light and nourished and not uncomfortable at all, which is just what you want in a lunch.


Nobu rating: 10/10

It was a gorgeous sunny day in London, which is ever-so-slightly infuriating because I’ve spent a great deal of time packing all of my summer clothes away and getting everything organised so that I’m prepared for the colder weather, but never mind. I love this cardigan/jacket from Missguided, it’s super, super soft and not too hot so ideal for this in between weather.

While shopping at Selfridges with my friend, I decided to take the plunge and get the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips liquid lipstick. I’d been eyeing it up for a while and took the opportunity to try out all the shades. I was really after a flattering nude matte that I could wear everyday, and I really liked the look of ‘Charlotte Darling’, which is a kind of peach nude. It goes on very soft and creamy, but can feel a little dry once it dries fully, be careful not to rub your lips together, I ended up putting balm over mine because I’m not keen on the feeling. I also had to use a good few layers of the product to get the pigment/coverage I wanted, which perhaps is due to the colour but I can’t be sure. It is a lovely colour, but I think it was better on the model than it is on me, and perhaps I should have gone with a different, brighter shade because I don’t feel that it defines my lip shape as much as I would like. Perhaps I’ll look for a lip pencil in a bright colour like peach or coral, just for a bit more definition. Overall, a lovely smelling and feeling product but needs a lot of customisation for me to be 100% happy with it and get the desired look that I want.



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