Springtime Self-care faves

It’s coming put to exam season for all my uni babes, and those feelings of dread and anxiety can start creeping back up again. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get crazy nightmares and a HUGE increase in appetite building up to a big deadline. With long, late hours in the library and hours crammed with revision it’s easy to neglect the little things that can help us unwind and make us feel better about ourselves. Add a little brightness and comfort into your daily life with these affordable and adorable little treats.

Cream Satin Long Sleeve Pyjama Set – £25.00 – Missguided
Cute, cosy and comfy- what is it about a cute matching pyjama set that makes you feel like you have your life together? Even if you’re watching a boxset on Netflix and stuffing your face. I love this cream colour but go for any hue that makes you feel bright and optimistic; pinks, yellows, pastel colours, and florals are perfect for spring.
Scent of Elysium Luxury Candle – £35.00 – Home by Rachel
We all know the power of a scented candle, it lifts the mood and fills your room with good, happy feelings. This hand poured candle from Home by Rachel has the best quality ingredients so its free from toxic nasties. The Scent of Elysium blend is vibrant, fruity, and mouth-watering. It lifts the spirits with notes of black plum, fresh rhubarb, ripe pear, sweet peach.
Rosewater + Pink Clay Cleansing Bar – $6.00 – Freshwater Laboratories
Just WAIT until you smell this, it’s absolutely delicious and contains silica so it’s a natural and gentle cleaner. I love a good old-fashioned soap bar, it’s so satisfying and great knowing you’re treating your skin to something that will do it good.
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – £16.58 – LookFantastic.com
It can be hard to get to sleep when you’re going crazy from stress, even harder to stay asleep sometimes. This pillow spray has great reviews, with fans claiming it helped them fall asleep quicker and that when they did get to sleep, it was deeper and of better quality. It contains Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Camomile oils.
Pink Clay Aha Face Mask – £14.99 – FaceTheory.Com
What’s better than a mud mask? Oh yeah, nothing. Except maybe an amazing quality mud mask made of Kaolin Clay, Crushed Walnut Shells and Pomegranate. This pink clay mask has outstanding reviews and is full of all natural, active, vegan ingredients that will smooth and purify your skin.


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