Summer Beauty Trends 2019: Stay Ahead of the Trends

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It may not feel like summer for those of us in the UK (why can’t we have an amazing hot summer like last year?!) but believe it or not, summer is here! In the spirit of a new season, I’ve made big changes to my skincare routine as of late, throwing out all my old products and starting again with a new foundation. I’ve also identified some of the most exciting beauty trends and products for Summer 2019 so keep reading for more.

The first big change I’ve made is to use a Jade roller on my skin every morning and night. Beauty rolling with Jade or Quartz stones has been a beauty trend I’ve noticed in the last couple of years, mostly from pretty pics of the rollers on Instagram. I’ll admit to have been very sceptical of this at first, like surely rubbing some crystals on your face isn’t actually going to do anything?! But I decided to just give it a try and honestly I would never go back. It feels like such a treat to give yourself a soothing, cool face massage twice a day and I think that the stimulation itself probably does wonders for your circulation. I’ve heard all kinds of claims about facial rolling stimulating collagen, making your face look slimmer, helping your skincare products absorb more deeply but to be honest there is virtually no evidence to support any of these claims. It feels great though and I feel like my face looks more contoured and brighter, could be a coincidence but so far I’m convinced.

My amazing new serum.
A perfect facial oil to use at night.

Another change I’ve made is to use a hydrating serum under my moisturiser. I don’t know why I didn’t start using this sooner because it feels amazing and I genuinely believe my skin retains moisture better than before. I’d 100% recommend for anyone who tends to get really dry skin like I do. I’ve also started putting facial oil on at night. I tried this once or twice under makeup but it was too oily and made my makeup slip and slide everywhere like nobody’s business. I use an oil that contains coconut oil and vitamin E. Rather than looking tired when I wake up my face is refreshed and glowy looking.

Beauty Trends Summer 2019

Photo from

Bright Eyes

Personally, I’m really excited about this one, I think bright eyeshadow is fun and playful and so summery. I’ve tried electric blue, violet and orange in the past because I’ve found that those colours are good with my skin-tone, it’s fun to experiment!

I think yellow would be so adorable and suit a ton of different skin-tones, what do you think? I love this look in general, copying this tutorial is definitely on my to-do list.

Bold Red Lips

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, Anne Hathaway, 2006, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

Another trend I can get behind is the bold red lip, save the berry shades for A/W and go for a coral/orange/pink based hue. Typically we’re seeing the red lip pared with a toned down beauty look elsewhere, earning the name ‘French red lip’ a nod to carefree, effortlessly chic Parisian style.

Head over to the Harper’s Bazaar website to look at their shortlist for the 15 best red lipsticks for this year:

Full body GLOW girl

It’s no surprise that every summer this trend makes a resurgence in some form, who wouldn’t want to glow with the light of a thousand suns while on the beach or sipping cocktails on the roof of some chic city bar on a warm night (one can dream). The trend for body makeup is going nowhere, especially since KKW beauty just launched their body foundation and glow last week. With Fenty beauty now available in Boots stores across the UK it’s easier than ever to get your glow on. Can’t wait to try the Body Lava Body Lumizer, I know it’s on the expensive side but with my holiday coming up in July I might just have to take the plunge and give it a try.

If you don’t want to take the plunge with the more expensive brands, check out this homemade dupe and get your body glow fix at home.

Modern 90s Makeup Vibes

This is another cool one, think hey-day Cindy Crawford in 2019. Volumious hair flicks, smudgy cat eyes and underliner paired with bronzer and nude-look lips.

I heavily f*ck with this tutorial from Pixiwoo, I LOVE this look and I’m going to try and recreate it!

If you want to stay ahead of summer trends this season you just need to look to popular 90s makeup staples like brown lipstick, lined lips, intense smoky eyes, matte shadows and lots of bronzer. These looks have been showing up on catwalks and all over instagram and I’m here for it to be honest with you. Who wouldn’t want to look like a nineties supermodel?

Hope you enjoyed today’s little post! Stay tuned for more x

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