Everything you need for £250 or less! *please be aware that some of these prices could change due to sales or other discounts

It’s holiday season! There’s something soo good about having something like a holiday to look forward to. If you’re anything like me the first thing you do is start shopping! It can be easy to go overboard and keep buying and buying and still feel like you don’t have much to put together.

I’ve put together an Instagram friendly capsule wardrobe for £250 or less that will give you lots of options and loads of different combinations. I’ve picked some super popular summer holiday destinations and based my collections on those places. Whether you get one outfit from the guide or all of them, I hope it helps with fashion inspiration for the up-coming hols!

I put the question out on my Instagram and asked you all which holiday places you’d like me to create look-books for and following your requests the third place I’ve picked is THE CANARY ISLANDS! Incredibly popular holiday destination for sea, sand and partying. There are so many different styles of hotel, restaurant and hangout that I’ve designed this wardrobe with chic, fun and versatility in mind. I’ve picked a capsule wardrobe you can mix and match for instagrammable, picture-perfect looks for your vacation.


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