Hand-luggage beauty check-list

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We all know the tricky part about packing for holiday is deciding what/how much makeup and beauty products to bring with you. Personally I usually end up taking way too much and then when I arrive there’s always something I’ve forgotten! If you’re anything like me you like to go a little lighter on holiday, especially if it’s particularly hot, I’ll forgo setting-powder and leave the foundation at home altogether. I’ll streamline my products and narrow them down to the most versatile bare essentials.

To me this is an essential list but to you maybe this is way too much makeup and you like to go barefaced in the sun, more power to you! It’s not that I wear a full face of makeup around the pool, but I like having options and the security of knowing I can create lots of different looks to match my mood and my outfit. There’s also the option of how and where you want to makeup your face, maybe you like just concealer and lipstick for a late lunch, or eyeliner and tinted balm for dinner. Balm and mascara or bright, vivid eyes and lips with glowing cheekbones, this list ensures you’ve got just enough to cover all circumstances and the good news is that it will all fit in your hand-luggage case!

PS: I’d consider taking a cream/white highlight and a kohl liner as well but that’s just me being extra!

An exfoliating wash

It’s nice to have a gentle wash that works as an exfoliant you can use to feel a bit fresher and brighter and help smoothen out your skin. I wouldn’t use it everyday on holiday but definitely after a big night out or as prep before applying some heavy makeup. These are just some ideas and may be on the more expensive side or different to what you’re used to, anything works.

Moisturiser with SPF

A good quality moisturiser with a good level of SPF is a holiday essential for sure. You need something to help revive your face after a big night out, long-sunbathing sessions or that pitcher of sangria. It’s great to be able to go sunbathing with moisturiser, suncream and a little concealer. Again, these are just some ideas and I’ve been using the same £5 Nivea moisturiser for forever, whatever works for you.

Tinted lip-balm

I’m a recent convert to tinted lip-balm tbh, I recently picked up a Carmex with a rose tint and I wouldn’t be without it. It makes my lips look smooth, satiny and oh-so-kissable. A lot of lip-balms also contain SPF so can help protect the delicate skin while you’re soaking up the sun.

Concealer and Foundation stick

It’s hard to make recommendations because everyone is so different. I wouldn’t go without a good quality concealer, especially a creamy one that’s easily blendable so I can smooth it into my moisturiser. As I mentioned I wouldn’t normally take or wear foundation on holiday but it’s good to have the option and it’s totally up to you. I’ve got the Makeup Revolution foundation stick from Superdrug, it’s an excellent dupe for the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and not a liquid so you don’t have to worry about hand-luggage restrictions.

An eyebrow pencil

Duh. Unless you’re blessed with perfect eyebrows, damn you.

A neutral tone eyeshadow palette

A real essential for daytime and evening looks, again it’s not a liquid so you can pop one in your case without any problems.

A vibrant, pigmented eyeshadow palette

For sexy bold evening looks. Nothing like sea, sand and sun to get you feeling confident and that fresh new tan will have you wanting to experiment with pops of colour. You can add statement shadow at your lower lash-line for a subtle, on-trend look, as an accent liner or all over your lids for extra ‘wow’ factor. Just looking at these palettes is getting me excited for all the looks I’m going to try on my next trip.

Liquid eyeliner

If that’s your thing. Maybe it isn’t but I’d be lost without a little cat-eye look in the evening. Meow.


Clear, brown, black, doesn’t matter. Your usual mascara will do as they’re typically well under 100ml so can easily go in your hand-luggage.

Bronzer, Blusher and Highlighter

You can take individuals or even better if you can get a set with all three so that they harmonise perfectly. If the colours go well together you can wear one, two or three depending on how made up you want to be. I have several sets like this in my makeup drawer so it saves a lot of headache just to slide a palette in my case.

Neutral Lipliner

To use as a base for your lipstcik

3 Lipsticks

Again, is a very personal preference, maybe you always wear the same lipstick with a gloss, or just liner and gloss even? I like using lipstick as a feature and I especially like bright colours on holiday. Personally I’d take a nude, a vibrant red and a peachy pink in a mix of matte and satiny finishes. I feel like that gives enough options for day and night-time and a variety of different looks. A clean look with black liner, red lipstick and highlight or a brown smoky eye look with nude lips. A lip colour mood-board (see below), just look at how well those colours match the ocean waves in the background, oooh baby take me to a beach!

Makeup setting spray

In the heat I’d always opt for a refreshing, hydrating spray over any kind of powder, especially because my dry skin would be looking like the sahara when you consider the alcohol and the sun as well.

And finally…

Makeup removal wipes!

A drunk girl’s best friend.

Voila! Thank you for reading and wish you all safe travels and enjoyable, relaxing, wild and instagrammable holidays this summer!

Did I miss anything out? Let me know via email or in the comments.

Celine x


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