Find the perfect swimwear for your skin-tone and body-shape

We all want to look our best this summer, especially while we’re on holiday (hello, Instagram!). Turns out there are super easy hacks to looking your absolute best on the beach and there’s no diet included, all you need to know is find out your skin-tone and body-shape and you’re 90% there to revealing your most enhanced self.

My skin-tone’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

Well actually… no, not necessarily. Skin-tone isn’t the same as skin colour or shade. Both ladies with the palest and deepest skin-tones can be cool, warm or neutral toned and the tone plays a HUGE part in which colours bring out the best in you. It’s not an exact science, more of a magic, when you’re wearing your complimentary colours it’s like WOW I’m looking great today and when you’re wearing you’re more unflattering colours you might not feel your best and not know why.

So how do you identify your skin-tone?

There are loads of suggestions out there, for instance:

Cool toned ladies look better in silver while warm toned women pull off gold better, people with neutral tones can wear both.

Some articles talk about your vein colour under your skin, warm toned peoples veins appear green while people with cold tones appear to have blue veins.

Seeing as whether you’re cool, warm or neutral has nothing to do with eye, skin or hair colour these quick tricks don’t always work and it’s more of a spectrum. My advice would be to think about what colours suit you, do you love to wear bright optic white, or is it to harsh and washes you out? What about caramel and browns? If you were to pick monochrome clothes would you choose black and white or cream and chocolate? Maybe you like a mix and can’t choose between gold and silver? Neutral ladies can wear both.

I’m cool-toned and I’ve only just figured it out, it’s hard to describe but I look so much better in bright white, navy, grey, purple. Pale blue, denim and white were my colours of the summer and I’d never felt better. I feel like I look best in my ash blonde wig because it really brings out those cool tones. I wear purple toned lipstick with a nude on top and my full glam look isn’t complete without white/silver highlight from the Anastasia Beverley Hill’s Moonchild palette. I’m cool baby! I even look best with a cool toned filter on Instagram. For a while I was in denial about how well that cold palette suited me, I’m a mixed-race, brown skinned girl, I’m supposed to look bomb in yellow and gold right? I knew this wasn’t true when I got the true gold Trophy Wife highlighter from Fenty Beauty. Everyone was raving about it all over social media and how well it made their brown skin glow. I couldn’t wait to try it and then I put it on and it was just like meh. It did absolutely nothing for me and made me look awkward. I look much better in the frosty pale pinks from the collection, together with some lilac eyeshadow and I’m good to go! Figuring out your skin-tone is like unlocking a secret to looking good.

Neutral beauties are so-called because their eyes, skin and hair contain a mix of cool and warm-tones. You’ll have a unique mix and a spectrum of colours you can pull off that with be specific to you. Neutral skin-tones suit muted colours like taupe, coral-bush and lavender. You can also pull off bold shades like optic white, fire-engine red and rose. If you have neutral under-tones in your skin it’s best to work out your palette with trial and error and if you’re skin is in the olive/mid spectrum you’ll find that you have a lot of flexibility in borrowing from both the warm and cold skin-tone palettes. You can wear silver and gold and both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are neutrals so Brad’ll love ya.

Warm skin-tones do best with earthy colours. Think cream instead of white, rust instead of red, deep chocolate instead of black. Harsh primary tones will wash you out but warm tones bring out those delicious shades in your skin, hair and eyes and you’ll look like you’re glowing! You warm toned girlies look heavenly in all things GOLD! Gold jewellery, gold highlighter, gold bikinis if you want, go for it! Glow girl!

Cool toned women (like moi) have a blueish/purplish tone somewhere in our skin/hair/eyes. Cool toned girls can be ice-blonde and blue eyed or have the darkest deepest complexion. We suit black and white, frosty blue, navy, forest green, periwinkle, silver and DIAMONDS! Think winter. It can be a bit of a challenge dressing this palette up for summer but I think white looks gorgeous by the pool or beach, you can always accessorise with periwinkle and coral.

So how can we apply these colour principles to swimwear?

Check out the mood-board below, I took inspiration from the complimentary colours for each skin-tone type to come up with these suggestions.

Okay cool, now what about my body-type?

We all know by now that women come in millions of different shapes and sizes and we’re all as beautiful and unique as a snowflake. However, there are a certain number of categories that most fall under (see the chart below). If you’re unsure of your body-type, start by considering the difference between your bust, waist and hips. Do you wear a different size on the top to the bottom? Do things fit well on your waist but poorly elsewhere? I know that I wear a bigger size on the bottom than I do on the top and that my hips measure more than my bust, that makes me a pear shape.

Swimwear styles for:


If you’re pretty straight up and down the aim here is to accentuate and add to the illusion of curves. One pieces can work well, go for a higher cut leg and something with stripes to emphasise your waist. Side cut-outs are your best friend because they really make a waist look tiny and help create and hourglass illusion.

Inverted Triangles

If your shoulders are relatively broad and your hips relatively narrow you can create a sense of balance with ruffles, ties or peplums at your hips. Asymmetrical straps will work great with your shoulders and thick straps are great for balancing broader shoulders and keeping a larger bust in check if needed.


Natural hourglasses are lucky because they already have a balanced ratio between bust and hips. Go for a retro fit that will play up your waist-to-hip ratio an make the most of your bust or keep it uber clean without a lot of fuss. Avoid ruffles and ties on your lower half because you want to keep the silhouette as clean as possible.


I’m a pear! Shout out to my people! Pears are characterised by a heavier lower half and smaller upper body. My hips measure several inches bigger than my bust so I wear different sizes top and bottom. The key with swimsuits for our type is finding something that emphasises the bust and shoulders to balance the bottom half.


The apple shape is widest around the ribs and/or waist, there’s hardly a difference between shoulders and waist. Thick straps, sweetheart or v-neck necklines will help give the illusion of narrower shoulders and high-waisted bottoms or one-pieces with vertical stripes will give a lengthening effect.

So there you have it…

A guide to finding your skin-tone and your perfect swimsuit style! I’d love to give specific suggestions for everyone but as you can see from the endless possibilities that would be pretty impossible. I hope it was helpful in giving you some ideas and I know you’ll look gorgeous regardless of what you decide. It’s all very well having these methods and suggestions but at the end of the day, if you like it- wear it!

I’ll leave you with my own example as a case-study:

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Celine x


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