I was invited to the Bella Mayford Cinema Club

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Last Friday I was invited to an event for Bella Mayford, a jewellery company with a social mission. Bella Mayford run a cinema club for bloggers, instagrammers and influencers from all backgrounds, of all ages and different walks of life. When they reached out to me via email and invited me to come along, I didn’t know what to expect and worried that I wouldn’t know anyone there. As is the case with a lot of these events which take place on weekdays during office hours, it’s hard to find a friend who can come along.

From the Bella Mayford website

My boyfriend convinced me to take the plunge and go by myself by reminding me that my blog is supposed to be a business and events like these are great for ‘networking’. Networking. The dirtiest of all dirty words, in my estimations anyway. I hate networking, I tend to click with people or not at all and I have been known to get myself in a fluster upon meeting new people and spew out all kinds of rubbish, especially if alcohol’s involved. But I decided that I should go to the event, if not because the brand has a sleek and gorgeous online presence, a strong message and beautiful products, then because I had a feeling there might be gin. I made a few notes from a blog post called ‘Networking for Dummies’, put on my satin cerise dress from Topshop and I was ready to go.

Regent Street Cinema

The event started with a private cinema showing at The Regent Street Cinema, which is atmospheric and classic looking. I’d never been there before and I was really impressed. Upon arrival we were gifted a piece of jewellery from the Bella Mayford collection. I was given the queen-piece bracelet which is adorable and unique. It’s extra special because twenty percent of the proceeds go to The Wonder Foundation which helps support women and girls to empower themselves through education and make the most of their prospects.

Here’s an excerpt from the website:

Our Signature Queen Charity Bracelet was created to connect the queens of our world. The QUEEN represents the strongest player in the game — every inspiring, graceful, courageous, and kind woman of our world. This piece characterizes the conquering woman. We give to remind that we are all connected. We are all QUEENS.

Let this piece be a reminder for yourself, your mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your sister, your favourite colleague, or your very best friend that WE ARE ALL MODERN DAY QUEENS.

20 percent of every  Queens Charity Bracelet sale is given back to our chosen charity: The Wonder Foundation, who are globally empowering women, girls, and communities through education.

This piece has been crafted beautifully from high quality sterling silver with three 14K plating options: gold, rose gold, and platinum. All of our jewellery is meticulously handcrafted, made to order, and can take up to four weeks.

So back to the story, there was indeed gin! Gin and tonics were provided by Sacred Gin and there were some delicious flavoured tonics. My favourites were the grapefruit and black olive. Quality Italian gelato was provided by Remeo and deliciously different popcorn for the film came from Retro Corn, the flavour I tried (and loved) was Hasta La Vista.

Remeo’s campaign for their new recycled packaging

We watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a film I love and adore and have watched a dozen times, twice now on the big screen. After the film we were treated to more G&Ts and pizzas from Pizza Express and given the chance to take lots of pictures and yes… network. I did meet some wonderful people and make some friends who I hope to see again soon and it didn’t feel like networking at all. I suppose this is all a credit to the friendly and inclusive atmosphere Bella Mayford helped to create. They reassured me that I wouldn’t feel lonely at their event and I definitely didn’t, the company staff and the other guests were all lovely.

The Bella Mayford bus!
The view from Vyta Covent Garden
On top the balcony at Vyta Covent Garden
the view of Covent Garden, check out the sky!

After the cinema we boarded a special Bella Mayford London bus to take us to the next location, Vyta Covent Garden. It’s a beautiful restaurant with sophisticated green and orange decor and a very art deco vibe. Very Gatsby. For the event we were on the top floor which had two outdoor areas and balconies with gorgeous views of Covent Garden. There was also a DJ and plenty of seating for the ladies in heels. The canapés were delicious and the drinks were flowing which is exactly how I like them.

Vyta Covent Garden interior
Vyta Covent Garden interior
Cocktails at Vyta Covent Garden
Our menu for the evening

I left the event positively buzzing and so glad that I’d been brave enough to get out of my comfort zone and go along. Bella Mayford work really hard to infuse everything they do with a positive message and giving back is important to them. Blogging can be so rewarding when you get to spread the word about companies like these who are doing such worthwhile work. Bella Mayford have an elegant range of jewellery and are soon going to be launching watches and bags.

Just little old me x

Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram and keep an eye out for what they’re doing in the future.

Thank you to the people at Bella Mayford for inviting me to the event.



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