BAD WOMEN: Blog tour and interview on SG Fiction

Welcome all and a very happy new year!

As the first post of the new year this is quite reflective. The last few months of 2019 were both hectic and wonderful for me. I achieved a huge milestone and published my first ever book on Amazon and held a blog tour on Instagram to help spread the word. I was also interviewed as part of the Young Authors Type Cast series on Scott Gilmore’s website

Bad Women Blog Tour 3rd to 10th December

My book ‘Bad Women’ toured the Instagrams, blogs and twitter accounts of some wonderful book bloggers from all over the globe.

As ever, I was nervous to have my work read and hear people’s opinions on my stories but I was also extremely excited and hoped the bloggers would enjoy the stories and connect with the characters I’ve created. Allowing others to read my work is still new to me as I’ve shared my writing with very, very few over the years. It feels a bit like having a diary read or letting people walk around inside your brain for a while but I’m starting to get used to it. It’s worth a little discomfort at the beginning if it means my stories will reach people who enjoy them. I also value the criticism and feedback.

I received some lovely reviews and I’m very grateful for the time and energy taken by the ladies to read my work. I would recommend each of them to book lovers for their insightful and thoughtful reviews, I’ve already invested in some of their recommendations and haven’t regretted it.

Thank you once again to everyone who participated:







You can read a review by @bookloverkate_ here on her blog.

Image posted to

An Amazon review by @stacyisreading :

A review by @stacyisreading, who took part in the blog tour on Instagram

You can read more/purchase ‘Bad Women’ on Amazon.

I’m still working on my debut novel and I hope to have another project out in Spring 2020 so stay tuned for the title and cover art unveiling.

I really appreciate every read, download, purchase, review and shout-out. If any book bloggers are interested in reading the book to review, please contact me at and I’ll send you a copy.

Interview with SGFiction

I had a conversation with Scott Gilmore of SG Fiction as part of his ‘Type Cast’ young author series. The series is created with young, budding authors in mind, Scott wants to encourage would-be authors to keep going by curating the experiences of other young authors who have made the steps to get work published. I really enjoyed being interviewed and I hope it will help to inspire some amazing future authors.

Read our interview here:

Scott is an author and teacher who blogs about creative writing and copywriting, his website is great and he has a presence on YouTube too. I’ve certainly gleaned a few tips from his posts and videos as his advice is genuinely valuable for authors of any age but especially beginners.

Wishing you all a wonderful January!


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