Brunch and Stay at The Nobu Hotel Shoreditch Review

At the start of the month I stayed at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch with my boyfriend for his birthday, we had the brunch package which included a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in our room (don’t mind if I do), and unlimited brunch in the restaurant the next day. The brunch package is only available on overnight stays on Fridays and Saturdays and the price is dependent on the time of year and day of the week.

As Japanese food fanatics we’ve been to many Japanese restaurants around London, of all price ranges and markets. I’ve paid multiple visits to the other London Nobu branches but had yet to try the Shoreditch restaurant and the hotel looked elegant and unique so I thought it might make a slightly different birthday getaway. Additionally, considering the price of the brunch for non-hotel guests (£53-80 per person depending on the package) I was blown away by how good value the brunch and hotel package appeared. I was intrigued by the idea of unlimited Nobu, as many people know it’s not exactly known for super-sized portions, and I wanted to sample the Nobu interpretation of some breakfast classics.

I had high expectations for the well-known chain but didn’t quite know what to expect as the website didn’t include much information about the brunch. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease if you’re considering booking the package.

What does the package include?

The package includes a stay in a standard double room, (we were upgraded to the slightly more premium room, this may have been because it was a birthday or simply due to availability) a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne which is delivered to the room upon arrival and the Nobu brunch in the restaurant the following day, plus a late 4pm checkout.

The room and hotel

The good? The entrance and lobby are stunning, they really make an impact and you’re given a wonderful welcome. In typical Nobu style the room was understated and a Japanese inspired take on modern decor. The room was clean and spacious, I liked the hanging lantern style lights and the touches of gold and orange. Lovely touches included the tea-set on display, the draw full of wine and champagne glasses and the extra comfy dressing gowns. Other bonuses were the large walk-in shower with a ‘wet seat’, the good quality shampoos and body washes and the guest toiletry sets which included toothbrushes and toothpaste, cotton pads and swabs and floss sets. It’s great that the rooms are so well equipped because it’s all too easy to forget these little things. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, always looking to help. We never felt lost or out of place, even when we went exploring the hotel at arrival.

The bad? There’s no pool, just a gym and separate sex steam-rooms. We had been hoping to go for a steam together and to be fair to the spa staff we were told we could go in together if they were empty and a sign would be put up to notify other patrons. However, this seemed like it might be more trouble than it’s worth. I would also advise to book spa appointments in advance as they were fully booked during our stay. There was a wooden panel feature to our window which I supposed was supposed to act as some kind of permanent blind but we could see directly into the office windows across the street and it felt like they could see us in our room. It was a little unnerving, especially on a Friday night when people were still in the offices. Perhaps they couldn’t see us at all but it did make us feel slightly self-conscious.

The brunch

The good? Again, the staff were lovely, extremely attentive, our water was kept topped up and our napkins were constantly refolded, new cutlery delivered etc. For me, the Nobu brunch was the star of the trip. Our stay included a main dish from the Nobu brunch classics, I opted for the Nobu twist on Eggs Benedict while my boyfriend tried the miso cod and courgette. The main dish descriptions are fairly vague which could be either a good thing or a bad thing as the dishes are definitely twists on the classics. Personally, I enjoyed the surprised. The Eggs Benedict included breaded fish and what I assumed to be quail’s eggs topped with caviar. It was absolutely delicious, the eggs melted in my mouth and were cooked to perfection. Five Stars for sure. The brunch itself definitely had a spectacular visual impact. There was sashimi, sushi rolls, prawns in their shells, dressed vegetables and Inari pockets and much more. There’s then a fresh fruit buffet, an assortment of macarons and small dishes like mousse and tartlets interpreted with classic Nobu flavours. The buffet was unlimited which feels totally decadent as one plate was more than enough to fill me up. It makes you sad you can’t take some to go as by the time you get home you’re regretting everything you didn’t get the chance to eat. We could have opted to pay a supplement for the package that includes alcoholic drinks, if I recall correctly, a specific selection of cocktails and/or champagne but it was very early in the day and coffee felt like the better option. The Nobu brunch is a brilliant option for sushi and Japanese food fans who like a little of everything, you really do feel like it’s brilliant value.

The bad? Can’t think of anything here. One small comment would be the fact that I ordered two lattes during the meal and they each arrived looking totally different and in completely different style mugs, I’m willing to overlook this based on the fact that the service and food were out of this world! (Please don’t think I’m the type of person to be bothered by a mug, I’m really really not).

The verdict

Lovely, friendly and attentive staff go a long way with me and The Nobu Hotel certainly has that. We were made to feel very welcome wherever we went. The room and hotel are very aesthetically pleasing, an Instagram friendly location for sure. It’s great for a special occasion like a birthday because you can be certain it will be a smooth experience from start to finish. The concierge were more than happy to help me make the trip extra special for my boyfriend’s birthday and responded quickly to my emails offering me extra services and add-ons. The brunch is absolutely worth it if you’re a Nobu/sushi fan, it feels almost surreal to be allowed unlimited access to all of that delicious goodness, everyone should try it at least once. I would definitely like to go back in the future.

Birthday balloons I organised with the help of the concierge.
Nobu caramel cheesecake (insanely delicious) also pre-ordered via the concierge. They have three different celebration cake styles to choose from in various sizes.


I would rate the whole experience 4* out of 5*. It could only have been improved by a nice swim and/or steam as I like to have whenever I can during a hotel stay, but then again, perhaps I’m being too picky. The Nobu Hotel Shoreditch certainly achieves what it sets out to and it’s an elegant adult getaway that’s surprisingly good value.

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