Day trip to Cambridge

I love visiting different cities around the U.K. It’s a great way to spend a weekend and I really enjoy exploring different parts of the country I live in. Every city is different with a whole history and landscape to explore. Last Sunday it was Cambridge that we decided to visit! The rain was pretty constant though there were a few patches of sunshine and we visited some lovely places for a lot of…you guessed it: eating and drinking! But it wasn’t all Chelsea buns and alcoholic lemonade, we made time for some cultural pursuits too; read on for more details about a fascinating exhibit going on currently at The Fitzwilliam Museum.

Lattes at the Tamburlaine Hotel

Cambridge really had a lot of interior design inspiration for me, the buildings are very pretty inside and out. The Tamburlaine Hotel is especially lovely, I like the mix of colours and textures that comes together in a gloriously harmonious mish-mash of beauty. It was quiet when we arrived just before noon so nice to sit at the bar and take in the pretty decor in the quiet. I’ve heard great things about the restaurant so it would be fun to return another day and see what it’s all about. There’s an open kitchen and we could see the chefs preparing for a busy day of Sunday lunches and dinners. Definitely a good spot of an Instagram update; walking from the lobby to the restaurant provides a dozen different backdrops alone. I especially liked the lit bookshelves in the reception, they looked so inviting and the cosy armchairs there made you want to just sit and take in a good book.

Chelsea Buns at Fitzbillie’s Bakery

These Chelsea Buns are famous. A quick Cambridge google search gave this place as an absolute must-visit for a tourist and they didn’t disappoint. They were so soft, moist and sticky compared with shop bought varieties and a thinner pastry than in bakery versions I’ve tried before. They were amazing and Fitzbillie’s is an adorable bakery, albeit a little cramped owing to its enormous popularity and it being a Sunday. Visiting the café/bakery was a lovely experience and though I was tempted by the other treats on display I’m glad I stuck to its signature item. I’m reliably informed by my boyfriend that the mocha is in the top two he’s ever tried (he drinks a lot of mochas), though my chai latte was on the milkier side than perhaps I’d like. I didn’t get to drink much of it though, I knocked it all over the table trying to get a good picture of my Chelsea bun (what I deserve really, isn’t it?).

Perusing works of art at The Fitzwilliam Museum

Let me just start by saying that I was totally blown away by the beautiful interiors at The Fitzwilliam Museum. Just when you thought you’d seen it all you’d look up and be stunned by a gorgeously elaborate ceiling. I’d recommend a visit just for the views. We got pretty lucky as we arrived at the museum just twenty minutes before last-entry and they happened to have a FREE exhibit on that sounded like it would be really interesting. Feast and Fast is on until the 26th of April and it’s all about the art of food in Europe from 1500 – 1800. My favourite part was the reconstruction of a banqueting table in which everything on it was made out of sugar, also the feast table was a sight for sore eyes as well but I won’t ruin it for you by sharing all the details.

In addition to the paintings and the exhibits, the museum has a good range of pottery, porcelain and other tableware. It sounds a bit silly but I love to take pictures of place settings because so many sets are just beautiful and its wonderful interior inspiration. The colours and shapes are truly stunning and I prefer more of an eclectic interior style with antique touches than anything super modern.

We also had:

Bites to eat at The Indian Food Truck

Though I didn’t grab any photos (forgive me)! The Indian Food Truck was amazing, really, really fresh delicious food with plenty of vegan options. It was very different from the kind of Indian food most of us are used to having at restaurants in this country but I loved it. My favourite dish was the crunchy kale with spiced yoghurt. Excellent value and just a few dishes are all you need to share for a satisfying meal. They also have excellent Happy Hour deals, so all the more reason to pay a visit.

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