the first book in the ‘la belle’ thriller series is out now!

Way way back in the pre-pandemic world of November 2019, I published a small collection of short stories called ‘Bad Women’. It was my first foray into self-publishing and more of a personal project than anything else. Thankfully, friends and family seemed to enjoy the book a lot and I got the idea to develop one of the very short stories into a novella. When I asked book reviewers which story they think would work as a novella, I had mixed responses but the winner was ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’; a short story about a beautiful sociopath who makes a living scamming wealthy older men. I was secretly delighted because this story was so fun for me to write, there’s nothing like getting inside the mind of an eccentric, scary character and creating a wild adventure for them to live out. The kindle and paperback versions of ‘La Belle: Dame Sans Merci’ include the series prequel ‘La Belle: Sugarbabies and Sociopaths’.

The story ended up fairly long for a novella and the world I wound up creating is wide and layered so I’ve decided to make the novella into a series.

The first book is out now on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble and more online platforms.

I held a blog tour in which book reviewers and bloggers posted their impressions of the story. It was a lot of fun and great to hear feedback on my work. See some images below.

I was also interviewed by the wonderful Rebeka ( ) for her new blog! It was a lot of fun, click the image below to read the interview over on her website.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, coming soon!

Buy ‘La Belle: Dame Sans Merci’ online via the links below.



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