La Belle Series

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Two totally different women. One summer that will change their lives forever.

A dark and humorous suspense story. Isabella makes a living conning wealthy men out of their fortunes. She’s been raised to be a cold, heartless, manipulation machine and she does pretty well for herself. Isabella isn’t bothered about finding love or starting a family, she prefers to keep things simple by looking out for herself and acting in her own best interests, only.

There is one problem though…when Isabella loses her temper from time to time, bad things happen. The kind of bad things that mean somebody goes missing. 

She normally has her guardian, Vivian, to keep her straight but Isabella’s been left to her own devices lately and things are starting to get out of control. 

We meet Isabella on holiday with her sugardaddy, Albert. She’s embroiled in a very niche dilemma: she wants to get rid of him but maintain access to his funds. Should she kill him? Marry him? Rob him? She can’t decide, and without Vivian’s guidance, her imagination runs wild. 

Meanwhile, Emma Whitmore is as opposite to Isabella as a person can be. She’s Albert’s patient and long-suffering wife. She suspects things aren’t right with her marriage but is too deeply in love with Albert to think about leaving. 

What happens when she’s confronted with the truth? Will she give up or decide to fight for her family?

Will Emma go up against Isabella and live to tell the tale?

Series Order

Sugarbabies & Sociopaths: the series prequel

La Belle: Dame Sans Merci

La Belle: Hunted

Sugarbabies and Sociopaths: The Prequel

La Belle: Dame Sans Merci